Job Description: Produce Market Manager

Job Opening: Parent Market Manager for CUES/Futures 2009-2010

Parent Market Manager Qualifications:
These are necessary qualifications:
•Can communicate clearly and openly with the School Site Liaison and partners from the Oakland Farms-to-Schools Network (OFTSN).
•Is culturally competent to confidently communicate with and conduct outreach to all cultural/language groups represented at the school, with language support as needed.
•Will feel personally accountable to making sure the markets break even and are successful.
•Is personally interested in health and nutrition, and can confidently and authentically advocate for healthy choices through the market.
•Has basic accounting and math skills.
•Will handle cash safely and appropriately.
•Is organized, punctual, detail-oriented, and self-motivated.
•Is able and willing to recruit, train and give instructions/delegate responsibilities to parent volunteers.
•Is able and willing to lift up to 40 lbs at a time on a weekly basis.
•Be able and willing to work outdoors once per week in all weather—rain or shine, cold or hot.
These qualifications are advantageous:
•Being a parent of a student at the school—this is strongly suggested.
•Parents who are bilingual in English and another language represented by a large demographic group in the school.
•A parent who has a large network of friends/acquaintances among other parents at the school.

Parent Market Manager Responsibilities
√ Attend all trainings provided by the OFTS Network for Market Managers and School Site Liaisons. (There will be a multi-day training in September, and about 3 more one-day trainings/meetings throughout the school year)
√ Place produce order weekly with the Oakland Farms-to-Schools Network by phone/email.
√ Make cash deposits of market income weekly to OUSD Nutrition Services.
√ Keep a weekly account of produce expenses and income.
√ Set up, operate sales and membership outreach, and close down the School Produce Market weekly.
√ Recruit, train and supervise parent volunteers weekly at the School Produce Market, with the support of the School Site Liaison.
√ Ensure strict adherence to market operations protocols, and make adjustments to market/ordering practices as needed to ensure high customer participation and sufficient market income (break even or better).
√ Work with the School Site Liaison and OFTSN to implement a school-wide marketing strategy for the School Produce Market.
√ Collaborate with and support OFTSN partners (such as AC Public Health-Nutrition Services) to implement nutrition education and food benefits enrollment outreach at the School Produce Market.
√ Purchase or acquire, and maintain/repair, supplies for the Produce Market as needed.
Suggested Compensation: $12/hour

If interested, please fill out the information below and return to Futures or CUES office.

Name _______________________________  Tel ___________________
Home and cell

Address ______________________________________________________
Street                City            Zip

Are you a parent of a student at CUES or Futures?  ___  yes  ___ no

If yes, child(ren)’s name(s) ________________________________________
Name            grade

Name            grade                Name            grade

Please give a personal reference – someone we can contact who has known you for over a year.

Name ____________________________tel ___________________________

Why would you like to be a Produce Market Manager?  What special skills or experience do you have?








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