School Overview

Our history

Futures Elementary School opened in 2007 as a small school on East Oakland’s historic Lockwood campus, which has been home to students for more than 100 years. In 2009-10, Futures will add a 5th-grade class to become a complete K-5 school. As the school grows, Principal Steven Daubenspeck and his staff are committed to preserving its identity as a small school, and to developing a culture based on “relational trust” among all members of the school community: teachers, administrators, students, and families.

Daubenspeck taught on the campus for six years before becoming principal four years ago.

Our students

Our diverse student body is 55 percent Latino, 40 percent African-American, 2 percent Asian-American, and five percent are from a variety of other backgrounds. 53 percent are English-language Learners and 77 percent are low-income, receiving free or reduced-price lunch.

A Futures student…

  • Shows up every day for school, on time
  • Reads every night for 30 minutes
  • Has family members involved in his or her education

Our achievements

  • Since opening, we’ve seen significant academic improvement, with considerable numbers of students moving out of the lower “proficiency” levels in both English Language Arts and Math on California Standards Tests.
  • Futures returns 100% of its teachers for 2009-10. Before Futures opened, turnover rate was consistently 30-40%.
  • Based on student and parent surveys, our students feel safer at Futures.
  • We have strong parent and family involvement, and offer extra support for our many bilingual families.
  • Futures has redesigned its comprehensive after-school program to better link our vision to the program’s enrichment classes, and to more closely align the program with the daytime curriculum.
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