Theory of Action and Vision

Futures’ Vision:
Our children are resourceful learners.
Our children are culturally-competent.
Our children have an enduring sense of self-worth.

Resourceful Learners
Our children are capable of following their dreams because they have the foundational skills for effectively communicating with others and are proficient in all subject areas. They have become persistent, independent critical thinkers and problem solvers who have high expectations of themselves. They have learned to value curiosity and to use discussion to create knowledge and understanding from a foundation of basic skills. Our children are resourceful learners that remain inspired, inquisitive, and motivated for the rest of their lives.

Our children deeply value and respect their own culture and the culture of others. They have accomplished this as they learn more about both their own background and the background of others. This knowledge led to an appreciation of differences and the ability to find common ground on which to build strong relationships. Our children are culturally-competent.

An Enduring Sense of Self-Worth
Our children understand and appreciate themselves for who and what they are as a result of a nurturing and caring school experience. They have an intrinsic belief in themselves and know that they are important and cherished by the school community. They have resilience and confidence, as well as a strong identity as a learner and as someone who has much to contribute to the world. Our children understand that their effort equals success and intelligence. Our children have an enduring sense of self-worth.

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